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Section 8 HCV Housing Assistant Caseworker

Jonesboro Housing Authority

Jonesboro Housing Authority

Jonesboro, AR, USA
Posted on Wednesday, January 17, 2024

Under the supervision of the Section 8 HCV Manager, the Section 8 HCV Housing Assistants shall be responsible for the management of Client Files (client intake, verification, documentation and rent calculations) to determine program compliance, eligibility and continued eligibility criteria of program participants. At the discretion of the Executive Director, the structure of Client Intake, Verification, Rent calculation & Eligibility Process (Housing Assistant Positions) may be modified to meet program need such as the division of Client Files by Alphabet; with rotation not less than every 36 months. The Housing Assistant(s) include Caseworkers, who is trained in all aspects of case management with 6 months or more experience and Caseworker Assistants, who assists in some aspects of case management or is in training.

The Housing Assistant(s) will be responsible for the following:

  1. Conduct annual reexaminations and interim changes for existing tenants by interviewing households, obtaining verifications according to HUD hierarchy, calculating files; preparing all computer reports including HUD form 50058 and other forms and notices timely;

  2. Assist Housing Programs Director and Section 8 Housing Manager in the administration of payments; provide information and assistance for participating families; annual re-evaluation of family composition, income, annual re-inspection of dwelling units; provide for terminations and family moves; handle complaints and appeals; and the essential monitoring of program performance. In addition, send letters to tenants and landlords concerning rent increases.

  3. Monthly initiate stop pays for households-moving out of units, suspensions, assistance being terminated or units under abatements; prepare 50058 or add suppression as needed to end HAP payment for the unit. Prepare “Stop-Pay” forms for tenants moving. Pull payment sheets from payment register and attach stop pay form. Submit to Section 8 HCV Manager for signature and then to Executive Director or final approval;

  4. Assist other Housing Assistant(s), when necessary, when requested by the HCV Manager or Executive Director; Input computer data on clients as required in accordance with policy and regulation and document client file accordingly. In addition, mail Notice of Rent Changes to clients and landlords.

  5. Assist Inspectors by contacting Landlords about repairs or pending abatements.

  6. Assist with HCV Briefings by reviewing voucher’s file and ensuring eligibility before voucher is issued and 50058 is created; process reasonable accommodation requests and forward to the appropriate designated employee for approval;

  7. Review general pending files and mail letters as needed.

  8. Process Request for Tenancy Approval from households; collection income information; set up initial inspection and insure gross rent does not exceed 40% of adjusted income.

  9. Conduct interviews with all zero income households quarterly.

10.Review EIV printouts for discrepancies and respond in accordance with EIV and agency policy. Ensure income reports are pulled on every annual recertification or interim change; process EIV New Hires report monthly to ensure timely reporting of employment. Page 2 of 3

11.Review file for annual and interim evaluations, check for unreported income and income reported late and determine if back rent need to be collected and submit file to employee assigned to process back rent owed to the PHA.

12.Review files and total tenant payment exceeds the gross family contribution, the Housing Assistant will send notification to the tenant that they are on suspension, adds to the suspension log, and submits a suspension form to the Section 8 HCV Housing Manager.

13.Track mandatory earned income disallowance in accordance with policy.

14.Read, understand and apply policies that are specified in the JURHA Employee Agreement Acknowledgement of Policies form.

15.Maintain an Up-to-date, detailed Procedural Guide for position held.

  1. Cross training of duties for the other Section 8 HCV positions and perform any other duties as assigned.

Qualifications and Knowledge

• High school graduate or GED, Associate’s degree preferred, supplemented by six months to one year experience in an office or an equivalent combination of education and experience.

• Ability to understand HUD regulations and Authority policies, procedures and practices pertaining to the various housing programs.

• Good knowledge of general office procedures and practices, business English, and basic bookkeeping and grant writing.

• Ability to communicate clearly and concisely with managers, clients, HUD staff and other agency representatives.

• Ability to ask relevant questions, obtain and accurately record information; courteously explain procedures and impart information to staff, managers and other individuals.

• Ability to express oneself clearly and concisely, both orally and in writing with managers, staff and HUD, State, Local and other agencies.

• Ability to establish and maintain effective relationships with management, co-workers, and other business contacts; maintain records, prepare reports as assigned and maintains confidentiality of the Authority’s operations.

• Ability to deal effectively with situations that require tact and diplomacy, yet firmness. Supervision Given and Received The employee receives assignments and instructions from the Executive Director and Assistant Executive Director. Procedure, regulations, management or the employee, depending on the assignment, may establish course of action, deadlines, and priorities. The employee initiates routine activities without supervisory direction. Problems or situations not covered by instructions are normally referred to management for resolution. The employee's work is reviewed for accuracy, completion, and compliance with policies and procedures. The employee has no supervisory responsibilities. Guidelines The employee performs routine duties by following established HUD and Authority policies and procedures. These guidelines cover most job-related situations and the employee occasionally is required to use independent judgment in making decisions. Work is completed according to HUD regulation and other governing entities based on the assignment. If guidelines do not cover a situation, the employee will consult with management. Page 3 of 3 Complexity The employee performs a variety of related, routine, and generally repetitive tasks. The course of actions is determined by the supervisor and by established procedures. The employee may coordinate, integrate, and/or prioritize tasks, depending upon location Scope and Effect The employee's work affects the overall operation of the Authority, other departments, clients and co-workers. Applying organization, customer service, and prioritization in an accurate and timely manner can achieve 100 percent of all tasks. Successful accomplishment of duties by the employee enhances the ability of other Authority personnel to perform their tasks and provide adequate housing to low-income families. Personal Contacts Most of the employee's contacts are with Authority’s management, staff, service providers, HUD staff, State, County or Local Government, funding agencies and other business contacts. Contact is made to verify, give, obtain, clarify, provide information, coordinate, advise, motivate, influence, justify, defend, negotiate or resolve issues.

Physical Demands

• Work is principally sedentary, but may involve some physical exertion during on-site visits with residents, travel to meetings, conferences, or workshops in other cities.

• Must be able to establish and maintain effective working relationships with subordinates, coworkers, and persons outside the Authority.

• Must be able to sit or stand for up to eight hours at a time while performing work duties.

• Must be able to bend, stoop, push, and pull in the performance of work-related duties (e.g., moving or carrying objects or materials).

• Must be able to use fingers bilaterally and unilaterally to operate job-related equipment.

• Must have vision and hearing corrected to be able to perform essential job functions. • Must be able to perform essential job functions in an environment that will sometimes include increased levels of work-related stress.

• Must maintain punctuality and attendance as scheduled. Work Environment Work involves the normal risks or discomfort associated with an office environment and is usually in an area that is adequately cooled, heated, lighted, and ventilated

Jonesboro Housing Authority is an equal opportunity employer.

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