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Qualified Behavioral Health Provider

Families, Inc. Counseling Services

Families, Inc. Counseling Services

Jonesboro, AR, USA
Posted on Wednesday, January 24, 2024
Jonesboro, AR

The Qualified Behavioral Health Provider (QBHP) establishes a supportive client relationship with the goal of empowering clients and their support network to actively participate in mental health treatment. The QBHP will provide clinical interventions to reinforce, practice, and model therapeutic techniques and treatments as directed by the Mental Health Professional (MHP). The QBHP is not responsible for supervision of other staff. Travel is required.

  1. Serves as part of the client’s treatment team.
  2. Completes the necessary training to become certified as a Qualified Behavioral Health Provider (QBHP).
  3. Provides professionally appropriate transportation as necessary to accomplish treatment goals.
  4. Makes necessary referrals and serves as liaison with other agencies.
  5. Provides timely documentation to support services rendered and provides written reports as required by other agencies (i.e. DCFS, legal system, etc.).
  6. Builds support network around client by working with authorized collateral sources such as parents, teachers or other community agencies as appropriate.
  7. Provides clinical supportive interventions according to treatment plan on an off-site basis.
  8. Ensures client’s attendance to initial medication evaluation and subsequent medication appointments.
  9. Supports medical records’ staff in securing PCP referral in a timely manner.
  10. Schedules QBHP Supervision and Observations as outlined by company policy.
  11. Documents all QBHP Supervision and Observation in Credible to be reviewed and signed by MHP.
  12. Establishes positive relationship with client, family and their support network.
  13. Models stability for client and family with regular sessions.
  14. Empower client to improve day to day functionality, reducing stressors and increasing ability to focus on treatment goals.
  15. Encourages client compliance with the established treatment plan.
  16. Review Caseload Compliance QBHP report at a frequency that will ensure clients are up to date on all compliance issues and are tiered appropriately for QBHP services.
  17. Monitors/reports client behavior in all environments.
  18. Attends all required clinic meetings.
  19. Testifies in court as required.
  20. Other duties as assigned.


Bachelor’s Degree from an accredited institution of higher learning is preferred / High school diploma or GED required.


A bachelor’s degree in psychology, sociology or a related field or the equivalent work experience in a human services field is preferred.


Required: The Qualified Behavioral Health Provider shall meet the definition of a Qualified Behavioral Health Provider as defined in the standards for Arkansas Medicaid Providers in the State of Arkansas. Ability to retain confidentiality. Ability to deal effectively with clients, professionals, and staff. Travel required.

The QBHP: Must have excellent spelling and grammar skills. Must have excellent computer skills and be able to perform across multiple platforms of electronic devices.

The successful QBHP will effectively: 1) Present information and respond in a comprehendible and understandable way. 2) Maintain client confidentiality, communicate, work, and interact effectively with clients and their support structure, other professionals, and staff. 3) Have strong organizational skills to achieve a productive workday is essential.